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A popular term for a person seen in A&E/ER who is deemed to have a condition requiring admission for observation
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Queen Elizabeth paid for his funeral and gave Lady Hunsdon a gift of 400 pounds and "the Keepership of Somerset House for life."(47) Nevertheless, the Carey family was important to Lok: life at Somerset House gave him the opportunity to mingle with many important court figures, including the various attendants to the queen to whom sonnets were addressed.
The current director-general, John Leighton, and trustees of the NGS are to be applauded for their decision to commission this official account of the Portrait Gallery from Dr Thomson, since--even though the author is too self-effacing to state it--there is no doubt that he was the key figure in the modernisation and preservation of the SNPG during his distinguished keepership from 1982 to 1997.
"This agreement that movements to temporary grazing or rented land within the same business, where day-to-day keepership of the animals does not change, can be batch recorded, will save time and money."