Varaztad H., Armenian otorhinolaryngologist in the U.S., 1879-1974. See: Kazanjian operation.
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Borges, who was 15 years old at the time of the murder, was sentenced by Judge Helene Kazanjian to a double life sentence with the possibility of parole after 30 years.
Miller Kaplan Arase promoted Puzant Kazanjian to partner ...
Max Herzog, managing director; Marko Kazanjian, vice president; and Matt Fagella, analyst, led the JLL Capital Markets team working on the debt assignment.
Recent literature has addressed CF in a number of populations, such as oncology nurses, emergency room nurses, doctors, police officers, and social workers (Harr, 2013; Jung-Min & Young-Hee, 2013; Kim, 2013; Lynch & Lobo, 2012; Peterson & Wanzer, 2014; Slocum-Gori, Hemsworth, Chann, Carson, & Kazanjian, 2013).
Kazanjian Jr., Executive Director of the United Religions Initiative (URI), Shaikh Abdullah bin Bayyah, Chairman of Emirates Fatwa Council and President of Forum for Promoting Peace, and James Patton, President and CEO of the International Centre for Religion and Diplomacy in the United States, Maqsoud Kruse, Executive Director, Hedayah, The International Centre of Excellence for Countering Violent Extremism, UAE, Abulfas Garayev, Minister of Culture, Republic of Azerbaijan, Dr.
Slocum-Gori, S., Hemsworth, D., Chan, W.W., Carson, A., & Kazanjian, A.
On the contrary, innovation deals with the idea implementation (Amabile, 1996; Kazanjian et al., 2000; Lane & Lup, 2015; Bledow et al., 2009; West, 2002) or idea application (Bilton, 2015).
Correspondingly, David Eng and David Kazanjian define this melancholia as "productive rather than pathological, abundant rather than lacking, social rather than solipsistic, militant rather than reactionary" (Eng and Kazanjian ix).
Shamir Seidman and Marko Kazanjian negotiated this transaction.