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a unit of measurement proposed to express activities of all catalysts, including enzymes, being that amount of a catalyst that catalyzes a reaction rate of 1 mole of substrate per second. Symbol kat.
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Abbreviation for katal.
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An amphetamine-like neural stimulant used by Yemenites and East Africans, who chew buds/fresh leaves of Catha edulis; dried leaves can be used but are less potent
Advese effects Psychologic dependence, increased blood pressure, respiratory rate


A gene on chromosome 1q21.2-q21.3 that encodes a member of the immunoglobulin superfamily, which is a key regulator of tight junction assembly in epithelia. F11R also acts as a receptor for reovirus, a ligand for LFA1 (an integrin involved in leukocyte transmigration) and a platelet receptor.
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Abbreviation for katal.
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A Nestle spokesman said: "The four-finger bar is a unique property for Kit Kat.
Yuji Takeuchi: We started offering the Kit Kat local souvenir series three years ago with the aim of exploring new sales channels, [finding] new consumers, and new [times and places for] consumption ...
Yuji Takeuchi: Among the products in the Kit Kat local souvenir series, Zunda (mashed green soybean) and Shoyu (soy sauce) have proved to be particularly popular with customers.
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We have mainly publicised Kit Kat through the utilisation of media public relations, for example, articles in newspapers or TV reports.
just-food: What has been the impact on the shelf price of Kit Kat?
Yuji Takeuchi: We have sometimes modified the sales price in the past, for instance by setting the suggested retail price at [Japanese Yen] JPY126 (US$1.36) for Kit Kat original, but the price is now fixed at JPY105 (US$1.13).
just-food: Has Nestle sold more regular Kit Kat since the launch of the regional flavours?
Yuji Takeuchi: I am sorry, but we can't disclose figures for the total sales of Kit Kat. However, I can share with you the fact that [regarding sales during] the annual Juken examinations campaign between January and March, the sales today for the campaign period are up by 50% compared to 2002, the year before the campaign began.
Yuji Takeuchi: Because I am the Kit Kat brand manager in Japan, I can answer only about Kat Kat.