Wolff, Kaspar F.

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Kaspar F., German embryologist in Russia, 1733-1794.
wolffian body - one of three excretory organs appearing in the evolution of vertebrates. Synonym(s): canal of Oken; corpus of Oken; mesonephros
wolffian cyst - a cyst lying in the broad ligaments of the uterus and arising from any mesonephric structures.
wolffian duct - a duct in the embryo draining the mesonephric tubules. Synonym(s): mesonephric duct
wolffian rest - remnants of the wolffian duct in the female genital tract that give rise to cysts. Synonym(s): mesonephric rest
wolffian ridge - one of the paired longitudinal ridges developing in the dorsal body wall of the embryo. Synonym(s): urogenital ridge
wolffian tubules - Synonym(s): Kobelt tubules
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