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Morio, 20th-century Japanese surgeon. See: Kasai operation.


A form of anemia occurring in the Congo River region, with associated edema of subcutaneous tissues, depigmented regions in the skin, and various gastrointestinal disturbances; thought to result from deficiencies in nutrition.
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WFP's country chief in the DRC, Claude Jibidar, has warned that "a major famine" could hit Kasai unless donor support increases.
In March, militias ambushed and killed 40 police officers in Kasai,
The new Higashi Kasai Secondary Campus houses an entire floor offering leading edge facilities, including multifarious labs and activity rooms devoted to information technology, math, science, language, fine and performing arts, music, radio, aerobics, dance, innovation and entrepreneurship.
The presence of the additional graves was confirmed during an investigation mission to Kasai Central between 5 and 7 April by staff from the UN Joint Human Rights Office (UNJHRO) and UN Police (UNPOL).
This prospective study was conducted at Niloufer Hospital for women and children from March 2008 to March 2013 to evaluate the prognosis in patients who underwent Kasai portoenterostomy for biliary atresia.
Although its members are all from Kasai province, they are from different ethnic groups: the Luba, Songye, Lulua, Tetela and Luntu.
At present, no Kasai operations are carried out here after the only surgeon trained to do it died three years ago.
The two groups, identified as Mian Mubashir group and Nawaz Kasai group, reportedly opened fire near Jamia Masjid in the main bazaar, killing five shopkeepers and a security guard.
dagger]) Correspondence should be addressed: Kenichi Kasai, 1-312 Wakabadai, Midoriku, Sagamihara, Kanagawa 252-0112, Japan (e-mail: kasai-k-4649@hotmail.
We have been able to achieve good results with the combination of indirect lighting (for the soft illumination of building surfaces) and compact direct lighting (for creating desired contrast and focus)," Kasai adds.
9, meaning a second medal in Sochi for 41-year-old veteran Noriaki Kasai, who is at a record seventh Winter Olympics.
According to Takeshi Kasai of the World Health Organization (WHO), "This virus is very infectious and difficult to control.