Haig H., U.S. physician, 1898-1943. See: Kasabach-Merritt syndrome.
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Congenital hemangioma is believed to be associated with hereditary diseases, including Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome, hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia, tuberous sclerosis, blue rubber bleb nevus syndrome, Maffucci syndrome, and Kasabach Merritt syndrome.
It carries the names of Dr Haig Haigouni Kasabach and Dr Katharine Krom Merritt, the two pediatricians who first described the condition in 1940.
The two worlds of Smart Growth and smart building are starting to come together, and that's a good thing," said Peter Kasabach, executive director of New Jersey Future, a nonprofit statewide planning organization and Smart Growth proponent.
We need designers who can convince the strategy team to put a solution on the roadmap and then shepherd the idea through development," Kasabach said.
Part of what Newark needs to be cognizant of is [that] revitalization doesn't just mean lots of high-wealth people moving into the city and corporations moving into the city," said Peter Kasabach, executive director of New Jersey Future, a Trenton-based public policy group.
The term wearable has been defined by Gemperle, Kasabach, Stivoric, Bauer, and Martin (1998) as implying the use of the human body as a support for some product.
The prisoner had a congenital deformity known as Kasabach Merritt Syndrome which caused his right hand to be severely curled inward at the wrist and caused pain when his extremities were improperly positioned.
There's an education of both sides," says Peter Kasabach, housing director for Isles, a nonprofit community development organization in Trenton, N.
Giant Hemangioma of the parotid gland associated with Kasabach Merritt Syndrome: a case report.
Less common indications were Kasabach Merritt syndrome, lymphoma and Gaucher's disease, one each comprising of 5.
Kasabach Merritt phenomenon: Case series and retrospective review of the mayo clinic experience.