Karvonen method

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Kar·vo·nen meth·od

(kahr-vahn'ĕn meth'ŏd)
Method of determining the training heart rate by adding to the resting heart rate a given percentage (60-85%) of the heart rate reserve (the difference between resting heart rate and maximal heart rate).
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The program of aerobic and calisthenic exercise aimed for 75%-80% of maximal heart rate according to the Karvonen method and consisted of 10 minutes of warm-up exercises; 40 minutes of aerobics; 15 minutes of exercise targeting the abdomen, hip, and leg muscles; and 5 minutes for cool-down and stretching.
We applied the Karvonen method at the beginner level or 50%--60% intensity (1).
The Karvonen method was used to estimate heart rate reserve: 70% heart rate reserve = (220 - age - resting heart rate) X (0.7) + resting heart rate.
The intensity of the exercise was determined by Karvonen method (Fox et al., 1988).