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Alternative nutrition A beta carotene-rich vegetable—Daucus carota—widely regarded as a ‘healthy food’; consumption of carrots is said to decrease the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, strokes, and macular degeneration
Vox populi A popular term for any incentive for a person to do something
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According to Karrots, her husband was last seen on June 3 around 3:34 p.m.
Karrots added in the post that as the group was 11 minutes into the dive, as they were doing their ascent, they noticed that Bry was not in the group.
'A search was immediately conducted that afternoon, the Ranger Station was notified as well as the Governor's office to request for emergency assistance,' Karrots said.
'We are working closely with the Office of the Governor in Palawan, The Philippine Navy, The Philippine Air Force, The Philippine Coast Guard, the Tubbataha Management Office and the team of PalauSport and Squires Bingham Sports,' Karrots added.