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Karl, English mathematician, 1857-1936.
McArdle-Schmid-Pearson disease - Synonym(s): McArdle syndrome
Poisson-Pearson formula - see under Poisson
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Inizialmente, una breve rassegna di quelli che sono stati i principali ideatori dell'inferenza statistica, per prima sviluppata da Sir Ronald Fisher (1809-1962) e in seguito migliorata da Jerzy Neyman e Egon Pearson (2) (da non confondersi con l'ideatore del rinomato coefficiente di correlazione di Pearson, Karl Pearson, che piuttosto fu il padre di Egon) introduce i lettori da un punto di vista storico alla costituzione del principale approccio utilizzato nella ricerca in riabilitazione, chiamato l'approccio Neyman-Pearson.
Whether or not Karl Pearson was Levy's obsession, he is certainly Pullen's.
The results of Karl Pearson correlation analyses of baseline variables are presented in Table II.
This article will discuss how statistical methods developed by Karl Pearson and R.
Sir Bryan Donkin John Apicella Elizabeth Cobb Shannon Holt Havelock Henry Ellis Liam Christopher O'Brien Olive Schreiner Kirsten Potter Maria Sharpe/Alice Jennifer Rau Professor Karl Pearson Erik Sorenson
Thus Karl Pearson, first Galton Professor of Eugenics at London University, described himself as a socialist (see his 'Socialism and Natural Selection' in The Chances of Death and Other Essays in Evolution, 1897) and argued (Stack, p.
Mansel, John Stuart Mill, Karl Pearson, John Henry Newman, W.
It should also be stressed, however, that on the positive side eugenics helped to stimulate state-aided efforts to improve the condition of the poor, and to retard the effects of diseases like tuberculosis, and that the implications of eugenic theory for greater freedom for women to choose their own mates was also widely acknowledged, with writers like Galton's chief disciple, Karl Pearson, arguing that "free sexual union" was the only possible corollary to eugenics ideals (The Ethic of Freethought, 2nd ed.
1), an eminent historian of statistics, describess an early 20th Century bat between Karl Pearson and his critics (including Alfred Marshall and John Maynard Keynes) about the merits of a study of the effects of parental alcoholism on children's development.
Karl Pearson and other Darwin-tinged eugenicists were ranged against Sigmund Freud and other Rousseau-tinged psychologists.
Six overs later Patel followed for exactly the same score, trapped lbw by Selek, and the scoring rate dried up for a spell as Mansell whipped out Sean Lloyd (19) and Karl Pearson (16) to leave Old Hill on 152-4 in the 49th over.
But the discussion of Galton's essay indicated the disagreements among those whom the chairman, Karl Pearson -- who went on to become Galton Professor of Eugenics at University College, London -- described as `.