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Karl, Austrian neurologist, 1862-1932.
Mayer reflex - apposition and adduction of the thumb. Synonym(s): basal joint reflex
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ITMA 2019 also provided the platform for the announcement of a comprehensive modernisation programme for Egypt's textile industry valued at around E1 billion from exhibitors including Benninger, Bruckner, EFI Reggiani, Itema, Karl Mayer, Rieter, Savio and Thies.
The signing came on the sidelines of the ITMA International Fair in Barcelona, Spain with seven Swiss, German, and Italian companies, which include Benninger AG, ITEMA, Karl Mayer, Marzoli, Reggiani, Rieter, and Savio.
Resident Karl Mayer claimed that the council's own legal barrister said that, legally, they did not have to accept one of the most controversial elements of the amount of houses due to be built - the 'overspill' from neighbouring Coventry.
Groz Beckert, Mayer and Cie, Stoll and Karl Mayer are well known in the field of knitting technology.
For 16 years Coltex Ltd of Rectory Place Loughborough had been agents for Karl Mayer of Obertshausen, manufacturers of warp knitting machines.
Karl Mayer of the Woodlands Action Group said: "What a mess the officers have cobbled together in these modifications regarding HSG4 and the action group would ask the cabinet not to rubber stamp them for consultation."
Karl Mayer, a German builder of textile manufacturing machinery, is a well-known name in the industry.
Not only that but it smashes and bursts into flames at the exact moment when Orson and Karl Mayer are having a fisticuffs over Bree - inside Santa's grotto.
Fritz Mayer, managing associate of Karl Mayer Textilmaschincnfabrik GmbH, Obertshausen, Germany, has been elected for the second time as chairman of the VDMA Textile Machinery Association in Frankfurt.
Switzerland's Jakob Mueller, Runyuan, Karl Mayer exhibit at "Warp-Knitting, Embroidery & Weaving Machinery Zone".
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