Lindner, Karl

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Karl, Austrian ophthalmologist, 1883-1961.
Lindner bodies - initial bodies resembling inclusion bodies found in scrapings of epithelial cells infected with trachoma.
Lindner corneoscleral suture
Lindner cyclodialysis spatula
Lindner cyclodialysis spoon
Lindner sclerotomy
Lindner spatula
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Karl Lindner is by far the most overtly racist in the conflict while Bev/Erin McGinnis does a marvelous job of providing a counter balance to the vitriol spewed by Karl Lindner.
Karl Lindner; Casey William Hines of Starke, Fla., as George Murchinson; Samuel Walker of Yonkers N.Y, as Joseph Asagai; and Kyle Jamison of Springfield as Bobo.
When people think of "Raisin," what comes to mind is the dramatic scene in which Karl Lindner (in a precision-tooled perf from David Cromer), a weaselly emissary from a white neighborhood, appears at the Younger apartment to present the family with a hefty bribe not to move into the house they have just bought.
A pair of moments in Bruce Norris's searing social satire of American race and real estate, Clybourne Park, echo this racism-baiting minstrelsy, not to mention the topical fearlessness of "All in the Family." When Karl Lindner, a nerdy white homeowner in 1959 Chicago with a similar buy-out-the-black-in-terlopers scheme, suggests to a black couple that they wouldn't like the offerings at the local grocery, the black man, Albert, deadpans, "Do they carry collards and pig feet?
Their pain is manifested in eccentric behaviour that becomes something more when they are confronted by do-gooding vicar (Sam Spruell) and then arrant racist Karl Lindner, a role in which a particularly sinister Martin Freeman puts the fear of God into everyone present.
Haller, Die Strohhutindustrie im bayerischen Allgau (Kempten, 1920); Karl Lindner (Hg.), Geschichte der Allgauer Milchwirtschaft (Kempten, 1955); Wolfgang Zorn, Handels- und Industriegeschichte Bayerisch-Schwabens 1648-1870 (Augsburg, 1961), 176-194.
Karl Lindner, also from Willingen, became German youth champion in the Nordic combined event.
After one of his partners absconds with the money, Walter despondently contacts Karl Lindner, a representative of the white neighborhood who had earlier tried to buy out the Youngers so as to avoid racial integration, intending to accept his offer.
One of the characters, bigoted community leader Karl Lindner, is taken from A Raisin In The Sun, the first play written by a black woman (Lorraine Hansberry) to be produced on Broadway.
Ruth Younger Audra McDonald Travis Younger Alexander Mitchell Waiter Lee Younger Sean Combs Beneatha Younger Sauna Lathan Lena Younger Phylicia Rashad Joseph Asagai Teagle H: Bougere George Murchison Frank Harts Karl Lindner David Aaron Baker Bobe Bill Nunn Moving Men Lawrence Ballard, Billy Eugene Jones For proof that star quality doesn't necessarily translate from one business to the next, look no further than the RoyaleTheater, where Sean Combs, otherwise known as rap mogul and fashion impresario P.
Ruth Younger Viola Davis Travis Younger James Sneed Walter Lee Younger (Brother) Ruben Santiago-Hudson Beneatha Younger (Sister) Kimberly Elise Lena Younger (Mama) Gloria Foster Joseph Asagai Dion Graham George Murchison Donn Swaby Karl Lindner Peter Maloney With: Joseph Edward, Shannon Walker Williams, Gina Coleman, Mya Fisher, Andrew Coutermarsh, Rey Lucas, Andrew Leeds, Ivan McClellan.