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A trial comparing immediate and late Rotablator results using either large burrs for maximum debulking (debulking strategy) or small burrs to modify lesion compliance (modification strategy).
Primary endpoints
Major acute coronary events (MACE) at 6 months.
Lesion modification with small burrs achieves similar immediate lumen enlargement and late target-vessel revascularisation as aggressive debulking, with fewer angiographic complications.


n a standard of fineness of gold, 24 carats being taken as expressing absolute purity.
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Karet plans to open two more in the greater Cleveland area over the next 18 months.
The look on his face, his subsequent good-humoured coming down from his high horse, and his wife's small but evident sense of empowerment were worth the enclosure I sometimes feel here, the missing home and friends, and that sense of being at the mercy of the to and fro of jam karet.
Evolving organically from its internal business resource groups, which encompass women, military veterans, African Americans, the LBGT community, and people with disabilities, Giant Eagle's associates have not only become a powerful font of talent, but have also added another vibrant dimension to the company's foundational canvas, according to Karet.
John's value to Giant Eagle is immeasurable," Karet said.
At the time of his death, Karet was the longest-serving board member of the Child Welfare League of America, secretary of its corporation and chair of its Fund Development, Public Relations and Communications committees.
from left) Robert Baker, Susan Cooper, Christopher Douglas, David and Irene Karet and Priscilla Davis.
Bejar Mohammed Karet, aged 23, of Cheveral Avenue, Radford, Coventry, driving with an incorrect licence and using a vehicle without insurance, fined pounds 120.
antu kawang, antu karet, antu langke, and possibly antu anak) (1997: 55-57).
He accuses Akiba of committing Hillul ha-Shem, profanation of God's name,(17) an unforgivable sin which God punishes forthwith,(18) hence karet (extirpation), and those who incur karet are flogged.
While officials from the regional food, fuel and pharmacy retailer are fiercely proud of its vibrant heritage and superior track record, they're equally enthusiastic about perpetuating their diverse and dynamic organization by adhering to the foundational threads woven into Giant Eagle's DNA, which, as CEO Laura Karet explains, are its strong values, innovation and constant drive to reinvent itself for shoppers in a changing marketplace.