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A trial comparing immediate and late Rotablator results using either large burrs for maximum debulking (debulking strategy) or small burrs to modify lesion compliance (modification strategy).
Primary endpoints
Major acute coronary events (MACE) at 6 months.
Lesion modification with small burrs achieves similar immediate lumen enlargement and late target-vessel revascularisation as aggressive debulking, with fewer angiographic complications.


n a standard of fineness of gold, 24 carats being taken as expressing absolute purity.
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Laju potensial dan kelimpahan bakteri nitrifikasi, denitrifikasi, dan disimilatory nitrate reduction To ammonium pada lahan perkebunan karet di Jambi [undergraduated thesis].
Since the opening of our first Market District stores in 2006, we have continued to evolve the concept to make it a true food Utopia, with a focus on providing the best food from around the world and exceptional customer service," Karet says.
Bejar Mohammed Karet, aged 25, of Cheveral Avenue, Radford, Coventry, making a false statement to obtain a certificate of insurance, two counts of using a vehicle without insurance, fraud by dishonestly making a false representation, fined pounds 1,100, disqualified for 18 months.
In Indonesia it's called jam karet, 'rubber time', and in South America they say manana, meaning 'later', or at some indeterminate time.
In early December, an old woman in Central Jakarta's Karet Bivak public cemetery said that her niece's grave had disappeared, although ''she was just buried two months ago,'' and the place where it had been was encircled by an iron fence.
Along these lines, the Rabbis, who believed in life after death, nevertheless thought of a childless man as if he were dead, and they interpreted the biblical punishment of karet ("being cut off") to mean that the sinner's children would die in his lifetime, leaving him without endurance after death.
Major tyre players operating in Indonesia include Gajah Tunggal, Suryaraya Rubber, Sumi Rubber, Industry Karet Deli and Bridgestone.
An item in the June Tax Clinic reviewed the current IRS approach to ODC compliance (see Karet and Hoffman, "Are You Properly Paying the Ozone-Depleting Chemicals Excise Tax?
It all adds up to differentiation, says Laura Karet, executive vice president/chief sales officer and daughter of the top executive.
Retired Solihull couple Irene and David Karet are regular city centre visitor.
Bejar Mohammed Karet, aged 23, of Cheveral Avenue, Radford, Coventry, driving with an incorrect licence and using a vehicle without insurance, fined pounds 120.
antu kawang, antu karet, antu langke, and possibly antu anak) (1997: 55-57).