bitter melon

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bitter melon

1. A tropical annual vine (Momordica charantia) native to Asia, having yellow flowers and orange, warty fruits that open at maturity to expose red-coated seeds. Various parts of the plant are used in traditional medicine or for food.
2. The immature green fruit of this plant, eaten as a vegetable. In both senses also called bitter gourd.

bitter melon

The fruit of a Chinese vine related to cucumbers, administered in tea, capsules or retention enemas, which allegedly “purifies” blood, prevents viral infections and has antiretroviral activity. It has been used for managing diabetes, gastrointestinal complaints and cancer.

bit·ter mel·on

(bit'ĕr mel'ŏn)
Momordica charantia, tropical fruit that is typically consumed as a juice, although sometimes eaten. Limited studies suggest use in Type 2 diabetes; also purportedly of value as an antiinfective.

bitter melon,

n Latin name:
Momordica charantia L.; parts used: fruit, seeds, seed oil, leaves; uses: antidiabetic, antiinfective, antipyretic, anthelmintic, laxative, possible antifungal, androgenic, antiviral, antimalarial actions; possibly useful for infertility; precautions: pregnancy, lactation, children, patients taking hypoglycemic medications; may cause uterine bleeding or contractions, hepatotoxicity; seeds are toxic to children. Also called
balsam apple, balsam pear, bitter cucum-ber, bitter pear, carilla cundeamor, fu gwa, or
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Bitter melon.


1. an austere and unpalatable taste like that of quinine.
2. a medicinal and culinary agent used as a tonic, alterative or appetizer.

bitter almond
a variety of Prunus amygdalus, the almond tree. Grown for the production of almond oil. The kernel of its seed contains sufficient cyanogenetic glycoside to be a possible cause of cyanide poisoning. The smell of bitter almonds is often quoted as being a characteristic finding in cases of cyanide poisoning in animals.
bitter bark
see alstoniaconstricta.
bitter melon
bitter rubberweed
bitter sneezeweed
bitter vetch
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It is like a bitter pill people have to swallow at meal-times: Indian mothers are always on the lookout as to who at the dining table is not eating his or her portion of the karela .
Exotic vegetables also have an important part to play in imparting taste and texture with widespread use of arabi, duddi, karela, mooli and rivye.
Botanical name English name Hindi name 01 Syzigium cumini Jamun Jamun 02 Trigonella foenum- Fenugreek Methi graecum 03 Azadirachta indica Neem Neem 04 Emblica officinalis Indian gooseberry Aonla 05 Cassia auriculata Cassia Tarwar 06 Gymnema sylvestre Gymnema Gurmar 07 Tribulus terristris Caltrops Gokharu 08 Andrographis paniculata Andrographis Kalmegh 09 Pterocarpus marsupium Pilfar Vijaysar 10 Momordica charantia Bittergourd Karela S.
Bitter melon, also known as karela or Momordica charantia, is an herb that helps regulate blood sugar levels and keeps body functions operating normally.
The supermarket will shortly begin stocking baby taro, karela, pink curry onions and sugar cane.
There is also the stylized karela, or bitter gourd, mustard flowers, and a range of other motifs.
These will produce vegetables such as karela, okra and mooli - and flavourings like ginger and coriander.
The resultant new collections -- Karela, Transitions and Dorado -- invoke the ocean for color, the Indian plains for pattern and soft ferns for a watercolor effect.
Currently the market is evolving and single ingredients are picking up in the finished product sector," he said, adding, "Products such as basil, karela, ashwagandha and boswellia are in demand.
But he planned to travel on to Karela province, next to the badly hit Tamil Nadi region.
There is a low level of awareness of human rights principles and instruments among children, and the public-at-large," says Myriam Karela of UNESCO.