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(kă-pō'zē), This name is correctly pronounced kap'ō-shē, not ka-pō'sē.
Moritz, (born Moritz Kohn), Hungarian dermatologist in Austria, 1837-1902. See: Kaposi varicelliform eruption, Kaposi sarcoma.
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Announces Pomalyst Granted Breakthrough Therapy Designation from FDA for HIV-Positive and Negative Kaposi Sarcoma
Kaposi's sarcoma is a malignancy that commonly presents together with AIDS.
A patient with HIV, dyspnea, and multiple pulmonary nodules: Pulmonary Kaposi sarcoma.
In the interview, she discussed the impact of starting antiretrovirals late into the infection, when CD4 counts are low, on skin conditions, as well as possible reasons behind the increase in Kaposi's sarcoma, and interactions between systemic dermatologic medications and some antiretrovirals.
The human herpes virus 8 (HHV-8) on the other hand, may cause Kaposi's lymphoma under conditions of immune deficiency.
Among the malignancies, Kaposi's sarcoma is very closely mimicked by MSP.
Kaposi sarcoma is a cancer that causes lesions in soft tissue, including skin, the oral cavity, lymph nodes and internal organs.