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An acute gangrenous proctitis and colitis with high fever, seen in southern Africa and South America at high altitudes; the vulva and vagina may be affected.
Synonym(s): kanyemba
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An acute, idiopathic gangrenous colitis accompanied by high fever and, in women, vulvovaginitis, described in southern Africa and South America at high altitudes
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Mbira musicians also use chikorodzi, a notched stick scraped by another stick, as well as kanyemba, an instrument made of many bamboo strips that are stripped together and filled with small seeds for percussion.
Similarly, the Doma people in Kanyemba, are also extinct as they have gradually moved into towns assuming new identities, religions and cultures.
As recently as 2013, Zimbabwe signed an agreement to export yellowcake from its uranium mines in Kanyemba to North Korea.
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I was initially told that David operated in the areas around Guruve, Mushumbi Pools, and Kanyemba which worked well because I sometimes go fishing on the Zambezi at Kanyemba, so it would be easy to invent some amorphous "skinny guy with the one bad eye", and this seemed to work until David mentioned he hadn't been to those areas in some time.
According to Brian Kanyemba, a researcher working with the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation in South Africa; the use of condoms has significantly decreased.
MEMBERS: Ben Brown, Peter Budnik, Glenn de Swardt, Zoe Duby, Nathan Geffen, Brian Kanyemba, James McIntyre, Landon Myer, Andrew Scheibe, Laurie Schowalter, Mark Sonderup, Wendy Spearman, Carlos Toledo, Tim Tucker, Reon van Dyk, Gert van Zyl
Nyaradzo Kanyemba, aged 25, of Stoney Stanton Road, Coventry, conduct amounting to a breach of the peace, bound over to keep the peace for six months.
Yet the authors point out that only after the death of the principal author of terror, Kanyemba, did his subjects believe they had acquired the protection of the ancestral spirits, which are central to the formation of ethnic identity in other Chikunda communities (259-60).
(23.) Interview: Shoniwa Kanyemba Village, 12 December 1984.
During the school holidays I went with my family and some friends to Kanyemba and we stayed at my Dad's friend, Dave Harwins camp.