Leo, Austrian psychiatrist in U.S., 1894-1981. See: Kanner syndrome.
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For additional information, contact the Environmental Defenders' office at (815) 338-0393 or email Cynthia Kanner at cwkannerenvirodefmc@gmail.com.
Donald Triplett was the first person diagnosed with autism by Dr Leo Kanner of the Johns Hopkins Hospital in the US in 1938.
Autism was described by Dr Leo Kanner in 1943, after he conducted a study on 11 children who showed a lack of interest in other people, but a great interest in the inanimate environment.
President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev received a delegation led by President of the Russian Jewish Congress Yuri Kanner on March 8.
(NASDAQ: FFWM), a financial services company with two wholly-owned operating subsidiaries, First Foundation Advisors and First Foundation Bank, has said that it has appointed Monica Dallalzadeh and Jay Kanner to the newly formed position of vice president, regional retail banking manager.
Otizmli cocuklar ilk olarak 1926 yilinda Grunya Efimovna Sukhareva (Kiev, 1891 - Moskova, 1981) tarafindan tanimlanmis olmasina ragmen, infantil otizmin resmi tarihi, Chaskel Lieb Kanner (1943) (Leo Kanner olarak bilinir) ve Hans Asperger'in (1944) makaleleri ile baslamistir (1).
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Frederick Kanner, an esteemed member of its Board of Directors.
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In 2011, Thompson traveled to Beijing with a group of scholars and attorneys to exchange ideas as a panelist at the Brigham Kanner Property Rights Conference.
Then, over 50 years ago, a young boy named Donald visited the child psychiatrist, Leo Kanner, in his office at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.