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Investigations on the spasmolytic effect of compounds of camomile and Kamillosan on the isolated guinea pig ileum.
Comparison of Kamillosan (TM) cream (2 g ethanolic extract from chamomile flowers in 100 g cream) versus steroidal (0.
And one in four is most worried about accidentally showing their breasts, the Kamillosan Ointment survey found.
Pharmakologishe untersuchungen von kamillen-inhaltsstofen v untersuchungen uber die spasmolytische wirkung von kamileninhatsstoffen und von kamillosan am isolierten meerschuweinchamilleum.
Kamillosan, an extract of the camomile plant, whose civilizations, helps prevent and control a common painful oral condition that frequently is a side effect of cancer radiation and chemotherapy treatments.
Researchers with the State University of New York at Buffalo and at Roswell Park Cancer Institute reported in the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry that Kamillosan recudes the intensity of, and can prevent, mucositis.
When used prophlactically as an oral rinse, Kamillosan prevented or reduced the intensity of mucositis in 78 percent of 46 patients on various systemic chemotherapeutic agents and 19 of 20 head-and-neck cancer patients receiving radiation.
I was sore at first but my mother recommended Kamillosan ointment and that helped.