Franz Josef, U.S. medical geneticist and psychiatrist, 1897-1965. See: Kallmann syndrome.
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This class of abnormalities may be acquired congenital (Kallmann syndrome) or secondary in nature.
Kallmann's book, of course, entirely avoids this problem by ending in 1801, but the others all have to grapple with it in some way.
Dundee have physicality throughout, pace in forward areas and a frontman in Ben Kallmann who looks sharp as a tack, even if he did flash his side's best chance inches wide in the first half.
Helmut Kallmann (1922-2012), former Chief of the Music Division at the National Library of Canada (now Library and Archives Canada), and best-known as author of the first comprehensive book on the subject, A History of Music in Canada: 1534-1914 (1960, 1969, and 1987), and co-editor of the monumental Encyclopedia of Music in Canada (1981, 2nd ed.
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Traditionally, IHH is divided into two major categories: Kallmann syndrome (KS) and normosmic IHH (nIHH).
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Kallmann syndrome is a genetic condition where the primary symptom is a failure to attain puberty and associated with additional symptoms of hypogonadism, hyposmia or Anosmia and almost invariably infertility.