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A tool found in Stone Age archeologic ‘digs’ in China which may correspond to early acupuncture needles
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(2) Engineering Research Center for Nanomaterials, Henan University, Kaifeng, 475004, People's Republic of China
Spatial pattern of the L-L agglomeration area is in a dynamic change and gradually moving from southern to northern, and the key area of agglomeration is gradually transferred from Zhoukou to Qi county, Tongxu, Kaifeng County which are all belong to Kaifeng city and the middle and lower reaches of Yellow River beach area in North Henan province.
American Jewish leaders seeking to foster the Kaifeng Jews' faith have had their efforts stymied and their projects shut down, including one to rebuild a historic synagogue that initially tied the small Kaifeng Jewish community together.
This collection showcases the study of the Kaifeng Jews.
Next, VF was induced in all animals by a medical programmed stimulator (GY-600A; Kaifeng Huanan Instrument Co., Kaifeng, Henan, China) to the right ventricular apex until VF was verified by the ECG waveform, accompanied by a fall in arterial blood pressure.
A Spring Festival temple fair in Kaifeng, Henan province, has attracted major media attention after it printed information about missing children along with admission tickets and encouraged tourists to help share them through social media.
Caption: Chinese folk acrobatics on display at Central China temple fair in Kaifeng, Central China's Henan Province.
[1] Department of Radiotherapy, Huaihe Hospital of Henan University, Kaifeng, Henan, China
Kaifeng Yang and Jonathan Justice, in their article "Local Government Responses to the 2008 U.S.
(3) The Key Laboratory for Special Functional Materials of MOE, Henan University, Kaifeng 475004, China
(1) Henan Key Laboratory of Photovoltaic Materials, Henan University, Kaifeng 475004, China
The Zhongyuan Urban Agglomeration (shown in Figure 1) is located in central Henan Province, China; it has a total area of 58,700 square kilometers and includes nine cities: Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Kaifeng, Xinxiang, Jiaozuo, Xuchang, Luohe, Pingdingshan, and Jiyuan.