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highly stylized and sophisticated form of Japanese theater founded in the 17th century.
Kabuki makeup syndrome - Synonym(s): Niikawa-Kuroki syndrome
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Because there is singin' and dancin', you must meet a couple of feet east of center on the Mississippi River Bridge to profit on your kabuki theater ticket resales.
The Heisei Nakamuraza troupe, a 100-strong all-male company, is noted for productions that respect Kabuki's centuries-old heritage yet burst with energy and humor in a way that recalls the early days of Kabuki theater in the 17th century.
* Either voting or operating control rests in the hands of one or two members of the board, and everyone else on the board is engaged in a sort of Kabuki theater of governance.
The area, near the noted Kabuki theater of Minamiza, was crowded with people who had come to see cherry blossoms.
Hybridizing poetic verse and stage direction, the artist's accompanying program notes tersely codified the work's precise chronological progression of visual, sonic, and oblique narrative cues, introducing interwoven references to John Cage, Kathy Acker, Merce Cunningham, Aram Moshayedi (the exhibition's curator), and Frank Zappa (after whose 1968 song this installation was named), while making explicit Farmer's primary fascination here with the spare, off-kilter stylings of Kabuki theater.
Marley says he was inspired by Kabuki theater, in which actors play multiple roles without regard to restrictions such as gender, and in this case, age.
Japan is the country of state-of-the-art technologies, high-speed trains, kabuki theater and kawaii.
On view at Salem's Peabody Essex Museum, "Stage Idols, Japanese Kabuki Theater" gathers a rotating collection of more than 40 19th-century prints, including Kabuki-related costumes, photographs and advertising signs, through January '09.
An investor conference, by contrast, is pure kabuki theater, all stylized gestures and formal presentations disguising sometimes lethal toxins.
Founded in 2000, the all-male company of 100 directed by Kanzaburo is noted for productions that respect Kabuki's centuries-old heritage yet burst with contemporary energy and humor that are evocative of the early days of Kabuki theater in the 17th century.
This coming week the Kabuki Theater from Japan will be here, and in our family, for one, we are all going.
Japanese artists responded to this burgeoning cultural life in the city by illustrating popular novels, issuing modestly priced woodblock prints of famous kabuki theater actors, and portraying local scenes.