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highly stylized and sophisticated form of Japanese theater founded in the 17th century.
Kabuki makeup syndrome - Synonym(s): Niikawa-Kuroki syndrome
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A typical day at the kabuki theatre features two distinct matinee and evening programs of three pieces each (two text-based and one dance), spanning about four hours with breaks in between.
In 1959, before the film was released, the newspaper Yomiuri Shinbun remarked on its special closeness to the kabuki theatre piece (51) and another newspaper, Asahi Shinbun wrote of a "powerful portrayal." (52) Nakagawa's creative drive was at full force after two phases of censorship; he returns the source material its power, which it had once been able to flaunt on the stages of the Edo period, when it was used to process social issues, and thus to work against their collective repression.
It will be the group's first UK tour with new artistic director Tamasaburo Bando, an actor and film-maker, who is renowned for his roles in classical Japanese dance drama, kabuki theatre.
It turns out this strange formulation was a kabuki theatre way of DND saying that the government can't have the Strategy--a promise for long term, predictable, and consistent finding for twenty years--and the spending cuts in the defence budget.
The section also includes an interesting comparison between the staging effects of Kabuki theatre and film techniques such as depth of field, close-ups, and panning shots.
A STAR of traditional Japanese Kabuki theatre who called in sick, then went drinking and ended up in a bar brawl, apologised yesterday for the scandal that has embarrassed the rarefied world of his art.
Ginza has developed into a thriving hub combining the shopping with a kabuki theatre, art galleries, entertainment, restaurants and cafes.
Other UN protected traditions include India's Vedic chanting and Japan's Kabuki theatre.
Ukiyo-e masters explored daily activities of the city's inhabitants, detailing in particular the stylish preoccupations in the worlds of theatre and the Yoshiwara district, producing images filled with graceful geisha clad in the finest kimonos, flamboyant Kabuki theatre actors, sumo wrestlers, and samurai.
In certain chapters Artaud's interest in Oriental theatre is examined in the context of the Hindu tradition--which, like the Balinese theatre favoured by Artaud, accords a central role to dance and gestural language--and kabuki theatre, to which, interestingly, Artaud makes no reference in Le Theatre et son double.
Kiyomoto-bushi: Narrative Music of the Kabuki Theatre. By Alison McQueen Tokita.