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highly stylized and sophisticated form of Japanese theater founded in the 17th century.
Kabuki makeup syndrome - Synonym(s): Niikawa-Kuroki syndrome
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The Japanese had three main diversions in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries: "red lantern districts" where courtesans and geishas plied their trade; Sumo wrestling and kabuki, a type of theatre in which song, dance and drama were combined to entertain the masses.
Presentations by revolutionary materials scientist, astrophysicist and Kabuki actor are free and open to the public
Before the screening of the movie, Kabuki actor Kataoka Ainosuke will appear in the Kabuki performance 'Ame no Goro (Goro in the rain)'.
The Japanese government had planned to give more opportunity for Putin -- a judo expert -- to experience Japanese culture by watching sumo matches and a kabuki drama, on the sidelines of his talks with Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori on signing a bilateral peace treaty.
However, Kabuki, winner of Germany's best two-year-old race so far, at Baden-Baden, gradually hauled him in and forced a dead-heat on the line.
The Works of Tamasaburo Bando For more than four decades, Tamasaburo has delivered acclaimed performances in onnagata (Kabuki female roles), establishing himself with unsurpassed artistry as a tate oyama, or leading actor of female roles, in the contemporary Kabuki scene.
14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The traditional Japanese art form of Kabuki will debut on the Las Vegas Strip tonight in a never-before-seen spectacle at Bellagio that will run August 14-16.
The surprise move was spurred by the University of Tokyo-educated actor's reconciliation with his father, Ichikawa Ennosuke III, from whom he was separated soon after birth, and his desire for his son, Masaaki, to take the Kabuki actor's name dating from 1871 to continue the family tradition.
premier of ''Hokaibo,'' a Kabuki comedy starring Kanzaburo as a murderer and rapist disguised as a priest.
John McCain and other ``maverick'' Republicans sure sounded convincing when they mouthed opposition to Bush, but the results of their negotiations on the bill with the White House and their votes supporting the bill demonstrate this was just a Republican Kabuki dance.
After every performance in Japan--a country where the 400-year-old Kabuki tradition celebrates male drag performers--scores of fans stood outside the stage door entrances.
of London) asserts that hero worship and obsession with celebrities is not a modern phenomenon, and that in 18th and 19th century Osaka, Kabuki actors were celebrities: adored, obsessed over, celebrated by their own fan clubs.