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Symbol for autoprotolysis constant of water.


Abbreviation for Kimmelstiel-Wilson disease; Keith-Wagener (retinal changes).




A unit of electrical energy equal to 1000 watts.
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To strike a balance between development and conservation, KWS also requested that the railway be raised within the park to ensure that animals can move freely once construction activities are over.
This explains why in the project's five-year lifetime KWS experienced hard-to-explain top management changes affecting three directors.
Patrick Omondi, an elephant expert at KWS, blames China's growing footprint in Africa for the recent surge of elephant deaths.
These are but a few of the top executives on the KWS who are helping maximize the school's educational outreach.
Western's tenure lasted four years (1994-1998) until it became evident that KWS had been better run, was able to get more outside funds, and had higher staff morale under Leakey.
The KWS has in the past employed this strategy to relocate several leopards in western Kenya which were terrorizing residents, and has also been able to capture about 30 elephants a year.
In addition to the KWS news team in Tokyo, we have recently set up a news desk in New York, which will take over the operation after the Tokyo desk closes for the night.
TOKYO, March 9 Kyodo The following main KWS stories will move in the next few hours.
As director of KWS, Leakey also campaigned for passage of the worldwide ban on the ivory trade, which went into effect in 1990.
Paul Mbugua, the KWS liaison officer for SGR, insisted that disruption of wildlife will be minimised during the 14 months of construction.
The sister lionesses will be transferred to Kora and Meru National parks as a temporary measure to curb increased human-wildlife conflict in the areas, Isiolo KWS Senior warden Peter Mbote said.