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Symbol for autoprotolysis constant of water.


Abbreviation for Kimmelstiel-Wilson disease; Keith-Wagener (retinal changes).
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A unit of electrical energy equal to 1000 watts.
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On Monday, KWS could not even tell the owner of the black Toyota Harrier KCP 300B, which was parked at the Rangers' Post since 2pm Sunday.
"Chaque groupe est generalement accompagne de guides experimentes qui sont en mesure d'alerter les touristes des dangers imminents et de les guider vers des points de sortie", a dit le KWS.
Evidence of the tussle over the translocation comes from a meeting in May 2017 attended by KWS officials and WWF's chief rhino expert, Martin Mulama.
Robert Njue, a KWS official in charge mountain conservation, said the fires which consumed 10 percent of Mount Kenya's forest were likely started by poachers to create a diversion from their illegal attacks on animals.
Together, Dow AgroSciences and KWS will use their combined EoACAyknow-how,EoACAO state-of the-art-technology and experience to deliver the next generation of sugar beet traits and crop products to the marketplace.
Emphasizing a commitment to educating tomorrow's hospitality leaders in the most practical way, KWS students earn a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Hospitality and Resort Management.
KWS says that by partnering with Redox, "we will be able to deliver complete sorting lines" that "will produce clean and marketable fractions of wood, metals, plastics, refuse derived fuels, soil and recycled aggregates."
KWS has already moved two feature stories on the anniversary, headlined: Families of JAL crash victims publish essays for 20th anniversary, sent on July 15, and Safety still in question 20 years after JAL crash, sent on Aug.
Joachim Kagiri, a senior game warden with the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), says it is due to increased population density that people are moving into range lands and interfering with wildlife habitats.
In order to better serve our clients, Kyodo World Service (KWS) will operate on a 24-hour basis beginning April 1, 2000.
In 1989, Kenyan President Daniel arap Moi appointed Leakey as director of the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), which was then plagued by rampant poaching of elephants in its parks and reserves.
Le Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), en collaboration avec des scientifiques internationaux, a reussi a recolter les Aufs des deux dernieres especes femelles, incapables de concevoir afin de reproduire les futures generations de rhinoceros blancs.