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Abbreviation for knee jerk.
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(kil′ŏ-jool″) [ kilo- + joule],


One thousand joules. Nutritionally, one kilojoule is equal to one calorie.
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"KJS hominins not only scavenged these head remains, they also transported them some distance to the archaeological site before breaking them open and consuming the brains.
As an indication of just how close the race for market share is in Spain consider that, according to one market survey, in 1993 the big three coffee marketers held these shares of the retail roasted coffee market: Douwe Egberts (Soley, Marcilla brands) 18.4%; Nestle (Bonka, La Estrella, Santa Cristina) 18.6%; KJS (Saimaza) 19%.
Although KJS Iberia management must live competitively with the day to day reality of such a market, the managers also remain committed to stimulating a sure if probably slow change in the market basics.
For its part KJS Iberia must contend instead with very tight competition, with anorexic profit margins and with a retail market that is still dominated by torrefacto and mezclas coffees--torrefacto is made by roasting coffee and sugar together, while 'mezclas' as the name implies is a blend, to varying ratios, of regular roasted coffee and torrefacto.
Although 43.8% of Saimaza brand family sales are now in regular coffee, KJS continues tenaciously to stress the sector, particularly in the still small and relatively dormant premium segment.
KJS Iberia premium entries are grouped under the Saimaza "Gran Seleccion" banner.
As for the Spanish retail market in sum, KJS foresees a positive growth trend for in-home consumption.