KISS Principle

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A broadly applicable principle—Keep It Simple, Stupid—for explaining complicated concepts to an unsophisticated audience
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His strategy follows the KISS Principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid).
Apparently, the KISS principle is at work here too: you either love Don Cherry or hate him.
As time went on, the KISS principle ("Keep It Simple, Stupid!") took hold in American police training, becoming first entrenched and then almost institutionalized.
Noon continued with the importance of simplicity (we veterans understand this as the KISS principle, or "Keep It Simple, Stupid!"), as he shared his components for his clinician-fitting toolbox, as well as the various forms used by the designer for documentation.
I always feel that applying the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid ) when cooking brings the best results.
The coaching cliche, "Keep it Simple, Stupid," also known as the KISS Principle, is a complete non-factor in the development of an offensive game plan for the high school level.
So I went back to the KISS principle, modified the procedure accordingly, and the problems literally vanished.
Let's adopt the KISS principle - KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID.
Perhaps this is because the company is run on the KISS principle -Keep It Simple -with a strong geographic core and, unlike most of the other major utilities, no foreign entanglements.