KISS Principle

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A broadly applicable principle—Keep It Simple, Stupid—for explaining complicated concepts to an unsophisticated audience
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The coaching cliche, "Keep it Simple, Stupid," also known as the KISS Principle, is a complete non-factor in the development of an offensive game plan for the high school level.
So I went back to the KISS principle, modified the procedure accordingly, and the problems literally vanished.
Let's adopt the KISS principle - KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID.
Perhaps this is because the company is run on the KISS principle -Keep It Simple -with a strong geographic core and, unlike most of the other major utilities, no foreign entanglements.
Use the KISS principle," says Nielsen, who's the principal of the Nielsen Norman Group, author of 10 books on computer usability, and the world's preeminent expert of Web site design.
This has a lot of appeal to new handgunners, and also rings a responsive chord with some seasoned gunnies who believe in the KISS principle ("keep It Simple.
The first KISS principle is to keep each step simple.
With this in mind, successful gas marketers are adopting the old Army KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid).
They should use the KISS principle for survey questions: keep it short and simple.
This approach may be the corollary of one of my first public speaking lessons, namely the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid).