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1 abbreviation for kinetic energy released in the medium, a quantity that describes the transfer of energy from a photon to a medium as the ratio of energy transferred per unit mass at each point of interaction.
2 abbreviation for kinetic energy released in matter, a unit of quantity referring to the kinetic energy transferred from photons to charged particles, such as electrons in Compton interactions, per unit mass. The SI unit for the KERMA is the gray, and the special unit is the rad.


Acronym for kinetic energy released in a material.


(kĕr′mă) [Acronym fr. kinetic energy released in matter]
The kinetic energy transferred to charged particles by indirectly ionizing radiation per mass matter. It is expressed in units of J/kg (grays).

air kerma

The kerma in an air mass, measured in grays.
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By way of illustration, we report the incident air kerma for the Rapiscan Secure 1000 Single Pose scanner that employed an x-ray tube potential of 50 kV.
Los trabajos en Kerma y los de la vecina isla de Sai por la arqueologa francesa Brigitte Gratien (1978) han permitido elaborar una seriacion temporal de la cultura, tal como se describe a continuacion.
S-values obtained at different values of kVp for constant values of air kerma (exposure) are presented in Figures 2 to 5.
The quantity kerma (an acronym for kinetic energy released per unit mass), K, characterizes a beam of photons or neutrons in terms of the energy transferred to any material.
Yet Nubian culture, manifestly related to that of Kerma, revived again and the locations where it survived have been a matter of some conjecture.
Kerma ratified the strong and traditional ties of friendship and solidarity between both countries, demonstrated for the help of the island in sectors like health, education and sports.
Although its entire territory is not known, evidence of various wooden buildings and grain storage pits have been uncovered at sites located in Kerma and Sai, an island located beyond the Nile's Fourth Cataract.
Air kerma calibration coefficients for a reference class ionization chamber from narrow x-ray spectra and cesium 137 gamma-ray beams were compared between the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NTST) and the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS).
Vote for him to bring back, from the deep depths of history, the glories of : the princes of Kerma, the pharaon Tirhagha, the queen Kindaka, Imam Al-Mahadi and of his grandfather Ali Abdellatif.
Markowitz uber The Seals from Kerma zeigt, dass mehr importierte als einheimische Siegel verwendet wurden.
Une permanence a ete en outre placee au niveau du marche des bestiaux d'El Kerma.
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