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Schwertschlag, "K16 expression in uninvolved psoriatic skin: a possible marker of pre-clinical psoriasis," Journal of Cutaneous Pathology, vol.
Caption: FIGURE 6: Wnt-CM inhibits migration and expression of the cytoskeletal components K6 and K16 via upregulation of c-Myc in human keratinocytes.
The Stork Prints inks are not just suited for the Stork printer Sphene, but can also run on the Reggiani Renoir, MS JP, MS JPK-series, La Meccanica Qualijet K8 and K16 printers.
'Development of the K16 elastomeric material is an example of Federal-Mogul's commitment to leading technology and innovation to create a greener future.
"In June 2006 we moved to Cannock and purchased two more high specification sliding head machines, a Citizen K16 and Star 20II with the help of a grant from Advantage West Midlands.
These latter are especially appropriate: when Mozart was living in Ebury Street he wrote his first symphonies (probably K16 and K19) and his sister, Maria Anna, who transcribed them for him, famously reminded him 'to give the horn something worthwhile to do'.
The K16 Type VII CNC Swiss machine features 1,260-ipm rapids in a 16-mm model, achieving up to 50 percent reduction in idle times.
Chromosomes pairs Observed Hybrid plants Cells observed Bivalents Univalents n n K1 x S7 10 53 18 0 1 17([dagger]) 1 K25 x S8 5 34 18 0 K16 x S30 1 56 18 0 S7 x K1 1 15 18 0 S30 x K16 3 3 18 0 ([dagger]) Shown in Fig.
Also included are lesson plans from School Library Media Activities Monthly, Newton's Apple Educators Guides, and Crossroads: K16 American History Curriculum.
K16: Enter $C$5-$G$5; change format to currency with two decimal places.
Type II keratin 6 (K6) and type I keratins 16 and 17 (K16 and K17) are intermediate-filament (IF) proteins that are induced in wound-edge keratinocytes as early as 4-6 h after injury to skin, either human or mouse.