juvenile hormone

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juvenile hormone

Any of several hormones in insects that regulate various physiological processes, especially larval development and reproduction.

juvenile hormone

a hormone present in juvenile insects and secreted by the CORPUS ALLATUM of the brain. So long as it is produced, the cuticle maintains the characteristics of the nymphal or larval form at each moult. Only when it ceases to be present or the level falls below a threshold value does the insect moult to the adult form. Juvenile hormones have been used as an effective means of controlling insects, for example, in preventing the development of adult ants during hospital infestations.


1. pertaining to young animals; young or immature.
2. a cell, tissue, disease or organism intermediate between the immature and mature forms.

juvenile aponeurotic fibroma
see multilobular chondroma and osteoma.
juvenile bovine leukosis
see bovine viral leukosis.
juvenile cellulitis
see juvenile pyoderma.
juvenile hormone
juvenile hormone insect growth hormone; regulates larval development and metamorphosis. It acts to maintain the larval stage and retard maturation to the adult stage. See also insect growth regulators.
juvenile osteoporosis
see osteogenesis imperfecta.
juvenile pancreatic atrophy
see pancreatic acinar atrophy.
juvenile sterile granulomatous dermatitis and lymphadenitis
see juvenile pyoderma.
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