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Bangabandhu was always vocal against the negligence of Pakistani rulers to jute and other economic crops.
The study, which includes its pharmacological significance as an antacid, found that the extract of jute leaves (ewedu) and root had 71.
The CCEA has extended the mandatory packaging norms under the Jute Packaging Material (JPM) Act, 1987.
Jute mallow has high amounts of beta carotene, vitamin E, riboflavin, folic acid, ascorbic acid, calcium, proteins and some phenolic compounds [2].
Paint the jute in stripes or a different pattern, using liberal amounts of paint as it will soak in.
The company focuses on jute and jute blends for this category, and trending looks include textural and chunky constructions and simple geometries.
It has been noted that even after the drive by the state government for dehoarding of raw jute stock, the prices have further spiralled after November 2015.
hid the tramadol pills in 9 jute bags and kept them in Al Warsan in February.
2000) conducted studies on chilli pepper (Capsicum species; Solanales: Solanaceae) with varieties that are resistant, susceptible, and highly susceptible to mite infestation, but no such studies have been conducted to address the possible effect of cultivated and wild species of jute on the life cycle of broad mites.
The exports of jute goods were 13563 tons in 2007-08 which touched the highest figure of 19102 tons in 2012-13 but now it has fell down to just 10039 tons in 2013-14.
The exports of jute goods were 13563 tons in 2007/08 which touched the highest figure of 19102 tons in 2012/13 but now it fell down to just 10039 tons in 2013/14.
KARACHI -- Pakistan Jute Mills Association (PJMA) has urged the federal government to ensure implementation of UN guidelines for the storage of food items and make compulsory the use of jute bags for the packaging and long term storage of grains including wheat which will help government to reduce health burden of public and ensure food security in the county.