Chop Chop Square

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A popular name for a place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, that hosts public executions by beheading
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She explained Tower that the legislative body together with the National Commission for Human Rights are organizing a demonstration at ten o'clock , Switzerland's time, at Justice Square, in Geneva to denounce the unilateral sanctions and coercive measures against Sudan, pointing out to the participation of representatives of the Parliament , some civil society organizations ,the Sudanese community in France and Switzerland, in addition to representatives and activists in the field human Rights in US and France .
We should be planning for success, and that means putting global economic justice square at the center of the green political agenda.
The planned renovations and constructions in the Qasr Al-Hakam area will cover Suwaiqah commercial complex, Al-Muaiqiliyah souk, Dayrah, Zal and Justice Square, Al-Safah and Imam Muhammad bin Saud squares and the courtyard of the Al-Musmak Castle.
Scores of Arabs at Justice Square near Al Hakam Palace in Riyadh witnessed the executions of the Bangladesh citizens were Ma'mun Abdul Mannan, Faruq Jamal, Sumon Miah, Mohammed Sumon, Shafiq al-Islam, Mas'ud Shamsul Haque, Abu al-Hussain Ahmed, Mutir al-Rahman, the rights watchdog report said.