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George W., U.S. anatomist and historian, 1889-1981. See: Corner-Allen test, Corner-Allen unit.


Edred M., English surgeon, 1873-1950. See: Corner tampon.
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A presence is felt, and behold, it's just around the corner.
There are bad times just around the corner, There are dark clouds hurtling through the sky.
Just around the corner from here, the popular Quayside Italian restaurant Sabatini's is today based in the old company oces.
Savvy holidaymakers should get out their calendars, get their heads together with friends and family and start making plans as a number of great reasons to get away are just around the corner.
We'll set off from Arsenal's magnificent Emirates Stadium, just around the corner from the old Highbury, where Chapman reigned, on Wednesday, April 23.
Muscat : With summer just around the corner, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has come up with a hot promotion for its customers travelling on business class: buy one ticket, get the second at half price.
Summary: The Oscars are just around the corner and that means so is Elton John and David Furnish's Oscars party.
JUST AROUND THE CORNER: QUILTS WITH EASY MITERED BORDERS tells how to create a 'frame' using folded fabric strips, a ruler and a sewing machine to create scalloped edges and more.

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