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n a certain number of citizens selected according to law and sworn to inquire of certain matters of fact and to declare the truth on evidence submitted to them.
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The ad told the story of a guy who collected a $500,000 jury verdict after he was injured using a lawnmower as a hedge clipper.
The finding that jury verdicts may not be language-neutral should also be of interest to policymakers, judges and community leaders who deal with Hispanic issues.
Judge Sticht found the jury verdicts in an earlier trial so "irreconcilably inconsistent" as to be "blatantly erroneous," necessitating new trials for both liability and damages.
We are gratified that our concerns about the jury verdict have been addressed by the court," said Randall J.
Copies of Product Liability Claims: An Overview of Jury Awards and Settlements are available from Jury Verdict Research(R) for $47.
ALM noted that Blue Sheets data is gathered through public record research and direct contact with case attorneys and said the service is used by litigators to assess jury verdicts and awards for specific types of civil suits, varying from discrimination cases to product liability suits.
couple under terms of a jury verdict that found Sears responsible for 2 percent of a total $1.
The jury verdict in the dispute over commercial aircraft guidance systems still must be converted into a final judgment by U.
Appeal planned of jury verdict despite B&W's capped potential liability of $42.
AMEX: JMP) announced a jury verdict of approximately $2.
OTCBB: AFFI) today announced that the South Carolina Court of Appeals has reinstated a jury verdict against the Company and its founder, Jeff Norris, of $382,148 in connection with a lawsuit brought against the Company by Temple Ligon.