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Justification for the Use of Statins in Primary Prevention: An Intervention Trial Evaluating Rosuvastatin. A prospective placebo-controlled study that randomized 18,000 people with high C-reactive protein (CRP) and low LDL, to evaluate the effect of a statin—Crestor—on cardiovascular morbidity and mortality
Conclusion The trial was halted in 2008, when early data showed that the statin arm patients had a decrease in overall mortality (20%), heart attacks, stroke (50%), and venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism (40%).
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Juppiter ut solum Priami de sanguine Francum Sic Deus Adami de successoribus unam Eripuit letho Mariam, flammaeque furenti.
(8) The wording on the title page ("Der Juppiter verendert geystlich") indicates that this twelve-stanza dialogue between the sinner and Christ is a contrafactum of an earlier secular song.
s..) and an element of identification between Hercules and Iuppiter: [Iovem nominant] Herculem, quia vis eius invicta sit quandoque lassata fuerit operibus editis, in ignem recessura: 'They call Juppiter Hercules, because his power is invincible and, once relaxed after the completion of his works, it will withdraw and change into fire' (Ben.
Further, it is the grace of Jupiter--as Christian God--that Theseus acknowledges in the last words of the tale when he says, "What may I conclude of this longe serye,/But after wo I rede us to merye/ And thanken Juppiter of al his grace?" (3067-69, my emphasis).
(15.) "Callimach raconte qu'une plaine de Candie fut nommee Omfalion, a cause que le nombril de Juppiter nouvellement ne, y tomba" (cite par Gendre, p.