Junk Science

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A popular term for a poorly performed study that reaches sweeping, and possibly erroneous, conclusions, despite weaknesses in methods for collecting and analysing the data
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As for the news media requesters with more than 5 requests, MuckRock News, (257) a site that publishes records obtained through public records requests, led with 33 requests; EnergyWire/E&E Publishing, an online news site for environmental and energy news matters, followed with 17 requests; then Environmental Integrity Project, a watchdog group, with 14; the Center for Investigative Reporting with 12; the Associated Press with 12; Reuters with 10; the Washington Examiner with 9; The Hill with 9; the Huffington Post with 9; ProPublica with 8; Junkscience.
The study's author, a Johns Hopkins-trained biostatistician named Steve Milloy, reproduced the study on his JunkScience.
The editor of Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) refused a request by Steve Milloy of JunkScience.
American Tradition Institute senior fellow; produces JunkScience.
With global warmin gaining political currency, Borelli soon hooked up with Steve Milloy--a well-known climate-change denier, Fox News commentator, and founder of JunkScience.
When asked why environmentalists were promoting compact fluorescent lightbulbs even though they contain mercury, conference speaker Steven Milloy, publisher of Junkscience.
Left-wing, anti-business special interest groups have advanced their social and political agenda through the open back door labeled 'Wobbly CEO,'" charges Steve Milloy, FEEI's executive director and publisher of a related website, junkscience.
tersburg, Russia); 27 Etcdtera (Mexico City); 28 Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources (Mexico City); 29 Junkscience.
The shenanigans of the most notorious purveyors of "cigarette science" like Steve Milloy of JunkScience.
See "Ozone Al Picks Junk Science Joe" at junkscience.
Preliminary results of the current study sponsored by Junkscience.