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'The federal death penalty is arbitrary, racially biased, and rife with poor lawyering and junk science,' said Ruth Friedman, Director of the Federal Capital Habeas Project.
The former vice-president has made over $300 million peddling junk science as indisputable fact.
Moreover, in the past there were reports of security personnel using bomb-detection sticks based on 'junk science' at airports.
The exemption was being abused by parents who have fallen prey to insidiously irresponsible anti-vaccination conspiracy theorists peddling long-discredited junk science that vaccines cause autism.
Your personal opinions, which may be based on junk science, do not trump the greater good."
23 gave the go-ahead for a procedure to let defendants challenge convictions based on junk science.
Looking at the science of climate change denial has been found to be the true junk science.
While that law, often referred to as the "junk science law," has sent several death penalty cases back to court for further review, Avila, 46, is the first inmate to receive a favorable recommendation from a district court.
They should use authoritative science sources, not those that push junk science. Neutral or not isn't one or the other.
He argued, in response to a question from Justice Peggy Quince, that the Legislature's Daubert legislation was a substantive issue because it "changed the standard for how the trial court is to determine, to put it bluntly, what is junk science and what is not."
Consumers deserve a watchdog, not a lapdog who has spent decades producing junk science for Big Tobacco, pesticide, and chemical manufacturers.
Another answer is that it is an article of pro-abortion faith that anything that puts the slightest bump in the road leading to abortion must be "junk science." It has to be or else women (and girls) might question whether abortion is good for anyone, their babies or themselves.