Junk Science

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A popular term for a poorly performed study that reaches sweeping, and possibly erroneous, conclusions, despite weaknesses in methods for collecting and analysing the data
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It is pushed by those with an anti-capitalist agenda and aided by useful idiots in government who ensure that junk science is used to tax and control us into misery.
The bureaucracy's use of junk science is especially troubling because it calls into question the reliability of potentially life-saving information.
This seminar will offer a unique opportunity to hear, firsthand, from experts in the areas of biomechanics, forensic pathology, low-impact trauma, accident reconstruction, safety violations, and how to identify junk science versus sound scientific principles," said PBCTLA seminar Chair Harry Shevin.
Like the tides, the market rises and falls on each new trickle of data, but its analysis of that data is more junk science than exact.
I cannot believe that any parent believes children are better off in a society in which junk science is allowed in court unless they are plaintiffs in court with a weak case.
Unfortunately, he mixes genuinely interesting information and analysis with dubious generalizations, slim or anecdotal evidence, and sometimes downright junk science.
Not so the professional cranks in Peter Huber's book about junk science and its impact on the legal system.