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Any author who appears on the 'marquee' after the first-named author of a research report, literature review or other scientific communication
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The Junior Author competition aspires to enhance the continuity of intellectual output in the UAE by encouraging children to enter the world of storytelling through writing.
The programme is being backed up by an array of cultural and recreational events through which it seeks to enhance the culture of reading in the UAE, as well as highlight children's literature skills, with the Junior Author a main component during the 11 days of the festival.
As listed in Dean (1916, 1917), Snyder's publications from 1900 to 1909 were mostly as junior author to Jordan in an extensive series of reviews (about 35) of Japanese fish groups, mainly at the family level, although 6 of these were by Snyder alone, culminating in Jordan et al.
Several other popular databases presently offer cited references for senior as well as junior author publications.
Table 1 Online Databases that Offer 'Cited Reference' Searching Database Highlights PsycARTICLES (1987+) full text junior author references PsycINFO (1987+) extensive source list 'cited by' feature junior author references SciSearch (1974+) extensive source list ScienceDirect (1967+) partially full text Social SciSearch (1972+) extensive source list Database Limitations PsycARTICLES (1987+) limited size PsycINFO (1987+) cited references only since 1987; database dates from 1840 SciSearch (1974+) comparatively costly junior author citations only available through Web of Science (1945+) ScienceDirect (1967+) focus on science Social SciSearch (1972+) comparatively costly junior author citations only available through Web of Science (1956+)
Since B is also an employee of the university, and if B never intends to apply for promotion (or for employment elsewhere), and B is the true junior author, B may as well reveal that fact.
It is assumed that the university's interests are served by the promotion of the senior author (as a reward for effort and to maintain incentives for additional future effort by prospective senior authors) but not by the promotion of the junior author (whom we assume receives rewards in another manner, say an annual salary increment or at least no decrement).
Absent a passion for the truth or severe feelings of guilt from lying so that [Delta], [Epsilon] [approximately equals] 0, it will be in the junior author's self-interest to claim senior authorship in order to gain promotion.(16) Note that TJ's promotion does not come at the expense of TS.
During three months of field work done between October and December 1997 by the junior author in the Reserve Speciale (RS) d'Ivohibe and in the Foret d'Ankazomivady-Ambositra, both in the Province de Fianarantsoa, a reasonable number of scorpions were collected, mainly with the use of pitfall trap lines.
Wilson Company to link to biographical profiles of these authors, as featured in Wilson's junior authors & illustrators series of print volumes and the new Junior authors & illustrators electronic database.
Another worthwhile deletion would have been Northrup's unusual (and pointless) cross-indexing of junior authors in the bibliography.

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