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Julia, English scientist, 1879–.
Bell brachydactyly - abnormal shortness of digits on hands and feet.
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"Isn't his name that's written up on the porch wall with Julia Bell's and a big `Take Notice' over them?"
"Yes," said Diana, tossing her head, "but I'm sure he doesn't like Julia Bell so very much.
Julia Bell, prosecuting, said: "In April this year the defendant visited the man and told him Age UK was having cash flow problems, would he be prepared to make a loan so that his carer could be paid.
Dr Julia Bell was giving evidence at the trial of Tracy Meikle, 33, who is accused of murdering Lorraine by stabbing her on June 22.
Independent Petroleum Association of America spokeswoman Julia Bell said the group was ''encouraged that the budget deal doesn't jeopardize the industry's tax provisions.''
This year's panel was chaired by journalist and author Amanda Craig, whose fellow judges were librarian Emma Sherriff, author Julia Bell and children's books specialist John McLay, along with five young people.
Julia Bell isn't average officer, and that s what sets her apart from the rest, earning her back-to-back awards for outstanding leadership.
On the night of the tragedy she had been drinking with her friend Julia Bell at the Student Union bar of Newcastle's Northumbria University.
Consultant forensic pathologist Dr Julia Bell told a fatal accident inquiry at Hamilton Sheriff Court: "In 10 years of doing drugrelated post-mortem examinations this was the highest level of cocaine I've seen.
E/W: 1 Julia Bell & Robert Dempster; 2 Rose Stainthorpe & Maureen Hulley.
Genetic genealogist Julia Bell got in touch and began work using a DNA database, first finding half-brother Tommy Chalmers.