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Jules, French neurologist, 1840-1887.
Cotard syndrome - psychotic depression involving delusion of the existence of one's body, along with ideas of negation and suicidal impulses.
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The disease that Jules Cotard, a French neurologist, identified back in 1880 is simply a person's belief that they are dead.
These nihilistic thoughts are the expression of a rare syndrome first described by Jules Cotard in late XIX century.
Jules Cotard (1840-1889): his life and the unique syndrome which bears his name.
This condition was described with details in 1880 by the Parisian neurologist and psychiatrist Jules Cotard [5].
Fue descrito por primera vez por el frances Jules Cotard en 1882 (7).
The illness is described in the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), and was first described by French neurologist Jules Cotard back in 1882.
Jules Cotard, neurologo frances, describio esta condicion en 1880, durante un encuentro de la Sociedad Medico-Psicologica, en Paris.
L'etude de la maladie mentale (hysterie, neurasthenie) est derivee quant a elle des medecins du temps (Jules Cotard, Gilbert Ballet) tout comme ses traitements (l'hygiene physique et morale preconisee par le docteur Fulgence Raymond).