jugular venous arch

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jug·u·lar ve·nous arch

a connecting vein extending across the midline between the two anterior jugular veins in the suprasternal space.
Synonym(s): arcus venosus jugularis [TA]
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A crossover route utilising the anterior jugular venous system (AJVS) and the jugular venous arch (JVA) may be considered.
Jee, "Misplaced central venous catheter in the jugular venous arch exposed during dissection before sternotomy," Journal of Clinical Anesthesia, vol.
Caption: Figure 4: Schematic drawing illustrating the segmental anatomy of a typically and fully developed anterior jugular venous system (AJVS) consisting of three segments (three arrows) with the jugular venous arch (JVA) as the transverse midline segment (large arrow).