Juglans regia

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Juglans regia,

n See walnut.
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Taxa N Interior % Interior N Exterior Conifera indeterminada 5 2,8 1 Juglans regia 51 28,3 58 Juniperas sp.
Antiglycation and antioxidation properties of juglans regia and calendula officinal is: possible role in reducing diabetic complications and slowing down ageing.
Studies on the antimicrobial activity of Juglans regia.
Table 1 Chemical composition of the essential oil of juglans regia leaves growing wild in kashmir (India).
Embryo germination and proliferation in vitro of Juglans regia L.
rubra acorns and Juglans regia walnuts is influenced by the orientation of the nut in the soil (Korstian, 1927; Lal et al.
One of the most beautiful trees in a large garden is the walnut, Juglans regia.
Cedrus deodara, Taxus wallichiana, Juglans regia, Pinus wallichiana, Celtis eriocarpa, and Betuia utilis had multiple uses, being widely used in manufacturing furniture, decoration pieces, and tool handles; in construction; and as fuel, fence, and medicines.
In California, the research team has documented the disease in the Southern California black walnut, Juglans californica, in English walnut, Juglans regia, which is the commercial orchard species, and in Northern California black walnut, Juglans hindsii, which is used as a rootstock for J.
Walnut, however, remains the king of stock woods, especially the species called Juglans regia (royal walnut).
Though there are as many as eighteen different walnut species exploited on natural basis in several countries around the world, the most important one commercially cultivated is the Juglans regia, which is native to Turkey among other places.