Melvin P., U.S. radiologist, 1922-1985; pioneer in coronary angiography and angioplasty. See: Judkins technique.
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Three years ago Kraft, Bill Judkins (a poet), and I took our meals at Cypher's, on Eighth Avenue.
Kraft spent his puny store of coin at the bar and then gave Judkins and me such an appealing look that we went down to the last dime we had in toasting our guest.
Our paths separated, and I saw Kraft no more and Judkins seldom.
Dietrich added, "We are pleased that Jim Judkins and Brain Johnson have agreed to, respectively, join and remain with Superior in management of the Eau Claire operations, ensuring continuity of high quality customer services.
Warwickshire County Council is entering into a 15-year contract with Waste Recycling Group Limited to design, build and run the new facility adjacent to its existing Judkins operation at Turttle Hill, which has served the borough since 1991.
The school found new space at 3028 Judkins Road in Glenwood, and held classes there for the first time last week.
The main goals in developing the MIC280 were to offer a thermal supervisor with superior real-world accuracy, high reliability, increased programmer friendliness, a smaller footprint and lower cost," said Jim Judkins, Product Marketing Manager.
Details have just been released of the burglary at Judkins quarry, in Tuttle Hill, on the evening of Thursday, September 8.
Hilles said the drive to consolidate operations and administrative functions at the Judkins Road facility is an inevitable step in the company's growth.
As manufacturers shrink process geometries to make higher performance, lower cost CPU's, DSP's, SOC's, memories, and ASIC's, the core and I/O voltages required by these devices are dropping rapidly," Judkins continued.
A NEW household waste recycling centre is set to be built on the outskirts of Nuneaton, to replace the current facility at Judkins tip.
CUTLINE: (1) Keith and Jean Hilliker (2) Karen Andrade, Julia Gianoulis and Paige Billings (3) Judy Judkins, Bonnie Byer and Sandy Fleek (4) Kim Kennedy and Jim and Sharri Merz (5) David Wahl and his children Elizabeth, Anna and Jonathan