Melvin P., U.S. radiologist, 1922-1985; pioneer in coronary angiography and angioplasty. See: Judkins technique.
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Three years ago Kraft, Bill Judkins (a poet), and I took our meals at Cypher's, on Eighth Avenue.
Kraft spent his puny store of coin at the bar and then gave Judkins and me such an appealing look that we went down to the last dime we had in toasting our guest.
Our paths separated, and I saw Kraft no more and Judkins seldom.
Peter Judkins, president and CEO of the bank, said, 'Derek has proven to be a tremendous addition to the management team at Franklin Savings Bank.
Controversial pay as you throw charges have been introduced at Judkins Recycling Centre in Tuttle Hill meaning people driving a van or pick-up truck who want to drop off large amounts of waste could be hit with a bill.
A driver is believed to have driven down a makeshift access road parallel to the train tracks on Judkins Road early Thursday afternoon, then got stuck on the tracks while attempting to turn around.
On June 15, 2012, Allison Judkins, 50, alleged that she fell while ordering a meal at the Chipotle Mexican Grill in West Palm Beach, Fla.
During the five-day trial, evidence showed that Judkins developed a "scheme" to defraud First Security Bank in 2008.
Web search is an integral piece of almost any project we are doing, particularly when doing writing related to some sort of research," Judkins said.
She will be missed by her best friend, Alan Judkins.
Communities to help increase local stewardship of public lands and support healthy lifestyles for community citizens,” stated Julie Judkins, Community Program Manager of the ATC.
Selective coronary angiogram was performed using left and right 6-French 4 cm Judkins diagnostic catheters by counterclockwise rotational movements and torqueing (Fig.