Melvin P., U.S. radiologist, 1922-1985; pioneer in coronary angiography and angioplasty. See: Judkins technique.
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References in classic literature ?
Three years ago Kraft, Bill Judkins (a poet), and I took our meals at Cypher's, on Eighth Avenue.
"Drink first and eat afterward." Judkins seized one arm and I the other.
Kraft spent his puny store of coin at the bar and then gave Judkins and me such an appealing look that we went down to the last dime we had in toasting our guest.
Our paths separated, and I saw Kraft no more and Judkins seldom.
Bosses at FCC Environment have an urgent message for those who use Judkins Household Recycling Centre on Tuttle Hill.
"It clogged up the Facebook," says James Kendrick Judkins, a former fire-breather and Texas businessman who stepped in to buy the circus this year.
Reports suggest that a group of around 40 youngsters, aged from five to 18, were caught playing at the dangerous Judkins quarry.
New owner James Kendrick Judkins had said that his Oklahoma-based circus would no longer include exotic animals, but he went one better when it opened its 80th season: It was completely animal-free.
Its Waddell Ranch properties have proved reserves in six fields: Dune, Sand Hills (Judkins), Sand Hills (McKnight), Sand Hills (Tubb), University-Waddell (Devonian) and Waddell.
Peter Judkins, president and CEO of the bank, said, 'Derek has proven to be a tremendous addition to the management team at Franklin Savings Bank.'
A driver is believed to have driven down a makeshift access road parallel to the train tracks on Judkins Road early Thursday afternoon, then got stuck on the tracks while attempting to turn around.