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Jacques, German surgeon, 1865-1934.

Lister, Joseph

Etymology: Scottish surgeon, 1827-1912
the surgeon who introduced the use of antiseptic surgery in London hospitals in 1867. Lister operations were performed under a spray of diluted carbolic acid, instruments were dipped in carbolic acid, and wounds were dressed with gauze similarly treated.


surname of one of the families studied in major descriptions of the disease.
Machado-Joseph disease - see under Machado
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There are options if Jozsef doesn't make it - Richie Smallwood could fit in as well.
of Cincinnati) offers a politically-based biography of Jozsef Pogany (1886-1938), a journalist and leader in radical left-wing politics before and after World War I.
As such we can't even begin to discuss the project's returns," MOL's Chief Executive Jozsef Molnar said at a press conference, as cited by Dow Jones.
Presented by Mr Jozsef Patarica, Managing Director/CEO
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as usual Jozsef and Batki are on the mark / on the spot--the words are
The ombudsman Nikiforos Diamandouros--himself appointed by the parliament--released a report criticising OLAF for dropping a probe into the deal to build the Willy Brandt and Jozsef Antall buildings, helping house the parliament in Brussels.
EDINBURGH: Andrew Tully 11+1, Ryan Fisher 11, Kevin Wolbert 8+1, Matthew Wethers 7+2, Kalle Katajisto 7+1, Max Dilger 3+1, Jozsef Tabaka 1.
Max Dilger had a poor night but Jozsef Tabaka recovered from a shaky start, winning a crucial heat eight.
5 STRIKER Jozsef Jakab hit a hat-trick for Redditch as the away team easily brushed aside bottom club Vauxhall Motors in the Blue Square North.
Town started the game the better side with Jozsef Jakab going close on 10 minutes when he shot straight at home keeper Terry Burke.
Kairoly Rideg and Jozsef Szigeti have combined their 50 years of culinary talents at the Oberdorf Restaurant in Leavenworth.