Joy Stick

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Drug slang A regional term for a joint (marijuana cigarette)
Surgery A control lever essentially equivalent to that used by gamers, which a telepresence surgeon uses to manipulate one or more robotic arms during an invasive procedure
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But it ended in farce when the joy stick used to control the train broke before the task was completed.
The camera features a continuous bi-directional 360 degree pan that can rotate automatically with a slide switch or manually controlled using a joy stick.
They work the robot from a small fat suitcase control unit that includes a video monitor, a joy stick for moving the robot forward, back and sideways; a second joy stick for controlling the camera pan and tilt; and various knobs labeled "shoulder," "elbow" and "wrist" that control the robot's arm.
Select the proper device-based controls (trackball, joy stick, mouse, and so on).
The EZ-Pick Micro-Sampling Tool is a simple, easy-to-use microscope accessory that is an alternative to complex, joy stick controlled micromanipulators.
It is seen as a challenger to the recently launched and well-received T68 model from rival Sony Ericsson, which has a small colour screen and joy stick.
Students climb into the cockpit, complete with instrument panel and joy stick, and within minutes they are cruising down a virtual runway in a biplane.
Because players are encouraged to rapidly rotate a joy stick with a grooved tip, the Mario Party game, on the Nintendo 64 home game system, can cause injuries to the palm of the hand after extended use, according to New York state's Attorney General, Eliot Spitzer.
Gregory Nojeim, of the American Civil Liberties Union, said: "The scanner even has a joy stick driven zoom option that allows the operator to enlarge portions of the image.
He split his head open against the pilot's joy stick, but stumbled away otherwise unhurt.
With the help of a joy stick the operator moves the MTD to the pre-selected truck position, where it automatically stops at the centreline.