Joy Stick

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Drug slang A regional term for a joint (marijuana cigarette)
Surgery A control lever essentially equivalent to that used by gamers, which a telepresence surgeon uses to manipulate one or more robotic arms during an invasive procedure
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During his 55 years of working in the bearing field, Al contributed immensely to his field including but not limited to; design and engineering of the rubber snapper automation, self-aligning flush-mount, joy stick machine, designed multiple tools for the screw machine, burnish rolls and "K" rolls and designed a flush mounted housing in which the patent was assigned to LUTCO.
Usual plane simulators allow the pilot to be seated in front of a screen and have access to an internal joy stick.
In the operator's seat, there's an easy-to-use electronic joy stick control that pushes the lumbering beast along at a steady 12 kilometres an hour clip.
Those older than 18 who've never held a joy stick in their hands can't always be convinced the 50-yard-line vantage point is one that can be improved upon, meaning this low-flying-aircraft angle hardly will become something for them to stomach comfortably.
DOES anyone have a nine pin joy stick for an Amstrad computer?
In the Learning Arcade Games, kids can use the joy stick to play games while learning letters, numbers, shapes, colors, spelling, problem solving and more.
Unable to operate the joy stick control because her hands are too weak, she designed a different control mechanism that works well.
The game features two control units, a nunchuck and a remote, one with push buttons and the other with a joy stick.
The report says one of the three cameras in Bedlington has not worked for two years because of technical failure, including a broken joy stick, and another is pointing towards large trees which seriously restrict vision and means footage would not be accepted as evidence in court.
The surface operator views the load-hauling device on a video monitor as he manipulates the scoop tram with a joy stick.
A Joy Stick type wireless remote control is included for easy control of all components.
Tenders are invited for Joy Stick Type Reversor Key For Wag7 Bhel Locos.