Joy Stick

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Drug slang A regional term for a joint (marijuana cigarette)
Surgery A control lever essentially equivalent to that used by gamers, which a telepresence surgeon uses to manipulate one or more robotic arms during an invasive procedure
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The Ultra Jet JetMaster Joystick control system offers maneuvering power and a specially developed digital programmable logic controller (PLC) network that converts the joy stick commands to boat movements.
We use jets to walk the ship side to side while maneuvering in port or we can turn on a dime and it's all done using a joy stick," said Shaeffer.
They can even take pit stops and use the joy stick to play games en route.
All mast functions may be used simultaneously with the joy stick to increase work speed.
Listening to his expert playing of guitar, mandocello, fiddle and whistle, the audience might be hard pressed to imagine him back in the 70s, brandishing a plexiglas Les Paul, wearing eye make-up and performing punk with his first band, Joy Stick and the Cockpits.
Second, while automation seemed to be the logical solution, the company's current programming method--using a joy stick to manually lead the robot through its welding path and recording all of its stops and starts along the way--meant the cell was used more for programming than for production.
We went from a track ball to a joy stick We found out that when working on the nanometer or Angstrom level for the movement of the stage, the joy stick gave a better feel," he told IBO.
But it ended in farce when the joy stick used to control the train broke before the task was completed.
The camera features a continuous bi-directional 360 degree pan that can rotate automatically with a slide switch or manually controlled using a joy stick. The Trident tilts to 110 degrees and is waterproof to 300'.
The camera systems are steered with a "joy stick" and imagery is displayed on a liquid crystal display (LCD) contained in a briefcase-sized container.
They work the robot from a small fat suitcase control unit that includes a video monitor, a joy stick for moving the robot forward, back and sideways; a second joy stick for controlling the camera pan and tilt; and various knobs labeled "shoulder," "elbow" and "wrist" that control the robot's arm.