Wenzel, Joseph

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Joseph, German anatomist and physiologist, 1768-1808.
Wenzel ventricle - a slitlike, fluid-filled space of variable width between the left and right transparent septum. Synonym(s): cavity of septum pellucidum
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The prosecutor Joseph Wenzel has asked for some extra time to review the case more deeply.
The issue was a landmark, pulling together scholars like Jim Aune, Thomas Farrell, Joseph Wenzel, Susan Kline and others.
The first object to seize your attention as you enter the radiantly lit Sail Terrena is Prince Joseph Wenzel von Liechtenstein's sumptuous rococo carriage, all gilt scrollwork, crimson velvet and painted amoretti, made in Paris in 1738 by Nicolas Pineau.
Joseph Wenzel von Dam, Hofsekretair to the Imperial coin collection, built a fine collection which he later sold to the Duchess of Calabrito, Petronilla von Ligniville, for 10,000 gulden.
Thirty years ago in the Spring 1982 issue, The Journal of the American Forensic Association (now Argumentation and Advocacy), published a "Review Symposium on Argument Fields." The special issue, which was edited by Charles Arthur Willard, included essays by a number of leading scholars in argumentation including: David Zarefsky, Joseph Wenzel, Dilip Parameshwar Gaonkar (one of the first journal essays by a brand new assistant professor who had yet to complete his Ph.D.), Robert Rowland, and an essay by G.
The second section of the paper will return to Joseph Wenzel's (1990) three perspectives on argumentation in order to explicate how the constitutive model re-specifies a rhetorical perspective on argumentation.
To do so, I want to offer a reading of Joseph Wenzel's (1990) germinal essay, "Three Perspective on Argument: Rhetoric, Dialectic, Logic." While Wenzel codes the rhetorical process as persuasion, the essay's normative focus on democratic decision making and the need to promote the common good, places the rhetorical perspective on argumentation in the orbit of an aesthetic-ethical process.