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Joseph, English otologist, 1815-1866.
Toynbee corpuscles - connective tissue cells found between the laminae of fibrous tissue in the cornea. Synonym(s): corneal corpuscles
Toynbee manuever - swallowing or blowing while nose is pinched closed and the mouth is shut opens the ears.
Toynbee muscle - draws the handle of the malleus medialward, tensing the tympanic membrane to protect it from excessive vibration by loud sounds. Synonym(s): tensor tympani muscle
Toynbee tube - a tube by which an otologist can listen to the sounds in a patient's ear during politzerization.
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lbn Khuldoon and Arnold Joseph Toynbee are two of the most authentic historiographers and they both agree that on important cross roads, history itself crafts towering leaders.
As an astute historian, Kissinger was surely aware of what Arnold Joseph Toynbee -- the author of the monumental 12-volume A Study of History -- once wrote, namely that Islam -- "Political Sunnism" -- would return to write its own renewed chapter.
She also drew attention to the historical succession of Kazakh traditions of national democracy and human rights, referring to works of a famous researcher on world civilizations Arnold Joseph Toynbee, who emphasized juridical freedom distinctive to nomads, including the Kazakhs, reflected in the freedom-loving way of life and respect for a person.
British historian and philosopher Arnold Joseph Toynbee (1889-1975) probably stands higher than any of his predecessors or contemporaries in documenting the 'History of Man'.
It can be traced to the English historian, Arnold Joseph Toynbee (1889-1975), who, in his major work, A Study of History (1934-61), analysed the principles determining the rise and fall of civilisations.