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Joseph (Lord Lister), English surgeon, 1827-1912.
Listeria - a genus of aerobic to microaerophilic, motile, peritrichous bacteria.
Lister dressing - the first type of antiseptic dressing, one of gauze impregnated with carbolic acid.
Lister forceps
Lister knife
Lister method - antiseptic surgery as first advocated by Lister in 1867. Synonym(s): listerism
Lister scissors
Lister tubercle - a small prominence on the dorsal aspect of the distal end of the radius that serves as a trochlea or pulley for the tendon. Synonym(s): dorsal tubercle of radius
Listerella - in bacteriology, a rejected generic name sometimes cited as a synonym of Listeria; the type species is Listerella hepatolytica.
Listerine - antiseptic mouthwash.
listerism - Synonym(s): Lister method
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Sent off the even-money favourite for a novice event over two and a half miles, Joseph Lister won by four and a half lengths from Rowlestone Lad.
Joseph Lister, a second winner for the stable's conditional Gary Derwin, set up the day's four-timer with a short-priced win in the 2m41/2f novice hurdle to the delight of the trainer, who was left owning the five-year-old and is using him as a schoolmaster for his talented bunch of conditionals.
I particularly like the chances of JOSEPH LISTER (12.
Its historical claim to fame is that in the 1850s, Number 1 Rutland Street was home to surgeon Sir Joseph Lister - the father of antiseptic surgery.
1812 Dr Joseph Lister became the first surgeon to use disinfectant during an operation.
o 1867 Joseph Lister performed a masectomy on his sister Isabella using carbolic acid as an antiseptic.
IT was Joseph Lister (1827-1912), the pioneer of antiseptic surgery.
Joseph Lister pioneered the use of what in Beaufort?
Forgotten Gold romps in Forgotten Gold was all the rage for the 2m5f introductory hurdle and the five-year-old made no mistake as he romped home from Joseph Lister.
SURGERY All modern operations and surgical procedures are based around the world of Glasgow Royal Infirmary's beloved son, Dr Joseph Lister.
They raided the Joseph Lister Close property and found 65 bags of cocaine, with a street value of pounds 1,400, in a chest of drawers.
Joseph Lister was part of a group from Tadcaster Grammar School who were learning the basic principles of caving in Upper Nidderdale, North Yorkshire, on the first day of an annual school trip on Monday.