Hyrtl, Joseph

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Joseph, Austrian anatomist, 1810-1894.
Hyrtl anastomosis - Synonym(s): Hyrtl loop
Hyrtl canal
Hyrtl epitympanic recess - the upper portion of the tympanic cavity above the tympanic membrane. Synonym(s): epitympanic recess; Hyrtl recess
Hyrtl foramen - an occasional foramen in the sphenoid bone through which passes the motor portion of the trigeminal nerve. Synonym(s): porus crotaphytico-buccinatorius
Hyrtl loop - a communicating loop between the right and left hypoglossal nerves. Synonym(s): Hyrtl anastomosis
Hyrtl nerve
Hyrtl recess - Synonym(s): Hyrtl epitympanic recess
Hyrtl sphincter - a band, generally incomplete, of circular muscular fibers in the rectum about 10 cm above the anus (upper rectal ampulla).
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Anatomy was still a relatively new science; Joseph Hyrtl published the first applied anatomy textbook Handbook of Topographic Anatomy.
There is no indication that she had any contacts in Prague, unlike in Munich, where she met David Friedrich Strauss, whose Das Leben Jesu she had translated, and Vienna, where she and Lewes visited the anatomist Joseph Hyrtl.