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Joseph, U.S. physicist, 1797-1878.
Dalton-Henry law - see under Dalton
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The Papers of Joseph Henry, Volume 12: Cumulative Index is the final volume in the exhaustive "Papers of Joseph Henry" reference series, which collects the many original writings of Joseph Henry when he made a scientific name for himself in the 1800's and established the Smithsonian Institution, and survived the Civil War, all while advocating the virtues of philanthropy, history, and scientific thinking.
Joseph Henry is one of the better youngsters seen out in the North at this stage of the season and he must go close if he continues to make normal improvement.
(Joseph Henry Press: 500 Fifth Street NW, Washington, DC 20001)
Secret Agents by Madeline Drexler, published by Joseph Henry Press at pounds 17.95.
In Anybody's Gold, Joseph Henry Jackson tells how the town burned down twice, "replacing wood and canvas with fine brick buildings decorated with ironwork balconies and protected against the dishonest by tall iron doors and shutters." Today, with its brick saloons, stagecoach, and wooden sidewalks, Columbia looks like an Old West town in a Clint Eastwood movie (scenes from Unforgiven were filmed here).
Reefscape: Reflections on the Great Barrier Reef (Joseph Henry Press, $24.95) by Australian writer Rosaleen Love explores the geological, ecological and biological mysteries of the threatened natural treasure within a framework of different human perspectives and interpretations.
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Archbishop Joseph Henry Ganda of Freetown in Sierra Leone has been taken hostage by rebel forces, according to an Italian news service report Jan.
It was quickly improved upon by the American physicist Joseph Henry (1797-1878), who in 1829 wrapped insulated wire around an iron core.
Loretta was born in Somerville, MA the daughter of the late Barbara Reddick Bell and Joseph Henry Bell.
Hugh, of Rosevale Street in North Belfast, and James, of Teeling Avenue in Dunmurry, Co Antrim, were found guilty of attempting to murder Joseph Henry at his Eliza Terrace home in the Markets, South Belfast.
Joseph Henry Neale was born on April 10, |2014, weighing 6lb 12oz to Carolyn and Steven Neale, of Fairfield, Stockton, and is a little brother for Leo below Smiling |for the camera is Leo James Neale.